How To Get Rid Of Gas Explosion [Cooking Gas] 

Cooking gas is one of the easiest and fast method for cooking foods.. And it has a lots of advantages. But I will mention two advantage for now

1. Blue Flame :- A blue flame means complete combustion of the gas. With complete combustion, LPG (Propane) burns with a blue flame. Pure hydrocarbons like methane (refined natural gas), propane, butane and ethane gases also burn with a blue flame.

2. It is fast in terms of cooking. 

So let move into the main topic now.. How To Get Rid Of Gas Explosion [Cooking Gas] 

1. There's a standard rubber in black color and it round in shape... Once the rubber have a little spot that means it damaged already.. So make sure you change it to avoid gas explosion 

Note.. The rubber is always available in Cylinder 

2. Once you notice your cylinder is Pilling do a test on it.. Put liquid soap in a cup of water and spray it on the cylinder, once you notice the cylinder is bringing out bubbles that means the cylinder is condemned.. So to avoid gas explosion make sure you dispose the cylinder away

3. To avoid gas explosion.. You must have at least three fire extinguisher in your surrounding 


If you notice any unwanted fire

1. Don't be panic 

2. Call any emergency line

3. Turn off any electricity that is on at that moment 

4. Make use of your fire extinguisher 

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