How TO Make Money On YouTube 

Good day everyone. YouTube is the number one video platform in the World. As a publisher/student you can also monetize YouTube,

First of all you have to create a Gmail account for the YouTube channel... 

So once you login the Gmail to the YouTube the channel will be created automatically... 

But one thing I just know you can do is if you want to rename the channel name you can just go to the settings on YouTube you will see how you can rename the channel

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How to make money from Magenet

To qualify for YouTube monetization you have to be posting video regularly. 

And YouTube has his own requirements before you are eligible to monetize it.

Number one requirement is Watch hour:- before you can said you want to be monetizing from YouTube you have to have 4000 watch hour.. 

How to get 4000 watch hours quickly

Number one you have to post video regularly..

Number two you have to post relevant video that is interesting to the viewers to watch.. 

Number three number three always post quality and clean video 

Number four avoid Copyrights music in your video 

Number five Make sure you add subscribe Caption/TemplateVideo to the end of your video

Number 2 requirement is 1,000 subscribers. 

if you can apply all the requirements of the number one successfully this number two requirements will be easy for you to get even though you get 2,000 subscribers easily

Really to explanation on how to monetize YouTube I'm sure you can be able to monetize YouTube easily if you can make use of the requirement as stated above 

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