Afrisight is a survey app that is interested in knowing your opinions about products and is dedicated to making your voice heard.Once you are a member,you get various and numerous invitations to take part in surveys.

Afrisight is majorly focused on Africa,they are about changing the game in Africa. They are interested in making your voice heard even while providing you with money.If you don’t know what surveys is all about you can just click on allhttp://all about surveys.com in order to know all about it,but in summary a survey app or website generally ask you about your experiences or your view about a particular subject and most of them actually pays real money.

How To Redraw Money From Afrisight 

For the rewards on Afrisight, it depends on the length of the survey (i.e the minutes you would actually use to answer the surveys).The money earned is actually recorded in dollars but of course it would be converted to naira.So,for the surveys it ranges from US$0.50 -US$5.00. For you to be eligible for these surveys you have to make sure your profile is updated and the right information are added to it and then you are ready to go. The maximum amount for withdrawal is US$5.00 and it will be directly deposited in your account and you can also use your money to get airtime and the maximum amount to have for this is US$3.00.

You can also check here for payment proof 

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