My little hands flung the clayey material against the wall and I watched with unparalleled excitement as it shattered into a million pieces. I did not bother to pick up the broken pieces, I only went for the newly-freed five, ten and twenty naira currency notes that lay amidst the fragments.

What I flung against the wall was my savings box, popularly known as 'Kolo'. The material, which was made of clay, housed my life savings of about #950. The year was 2006, so with #950, I was quite a rich child. 

Perhaps, I wasn't a child, I was a man because I was able to shoulder the responsibility making my own little contribution towards the acquisition of my Christmas wear.

Sharing this experience with you today is to make you remember the excitement that pulsed through your veins as you broke your money box to retrieve your year-long savings. Even as a child, it was quite an accomplishment to save as little as one thousand naira. Being able to save and buy some things with your own money (even though they were mostly gifts from parents and relatives) was quite a big deal. It brought you a sense of responsibility, self-worth and a particular kind of confidence.

Now, the era of money box or Kolo is long gone, we have grown older and many things have changed. Despite the change, there's something that is still constant in our lives - we all have goals and we have to save money towards the attainment of those goals.

However, with the raging inflation rate in Nigeria, it's quite difficult to survive not to talk of saving.

Na person wey don chop go save, isn't it? 

In negation, I can assure you that you can chop and save at the same time. All you need is a financial technology company that helps you with your savings and investment plans.

Cowrywise - www.cowrywise.com is that company. A Fintech that is duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Nigeria as a fund manager. The company boasts of over 300,000 users who are taking charge of their finances- saving as little as they can afford and investing their money towards a better future.

To join the train of intentional individuals, all you need do is click on this link https://lnkd.in/grcNN4J to download the Cowrywise Android or iOS application, register and begin your savings or investment journey. 

The user interface of the app is cool and you can easily select plans that are suitable for you.

Thank you and have a lovely day.

Ayo Elesho ©

Cowrywise Student Ambassador

University of Ibadan.

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