The show started with showing the crowds in the arena,the crowds were making lots and lots of joyful screams and shouts.

OMOS AND AJ STYLES vs THE RAIDERS FOR THE RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP:                               Omos started first early and then made an expected tag to Aj styles who bounced around the ring making the Raiders angry and then escaping the ring again by tagging Omos and this pattern kept happening back and forth. OMOS was in the ring now tossing Ivar with a slam,then AJ styles was tagged in and he took a huge turn on the match.        AJ STYLES AND OMOS WON THE RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS

THE MYSTERIORS vs THE USOS FOR SMACK DOWN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP:                           It was really exciting to see Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio in the ring teaming together to fight against the Usos. At first,the Usos were taking over the match,they were having the upper hand but as time went on,Rey tagged Dominik giving him permission to enter into the ring with Jimmy Uso.He attacked Jimmy with a very strong springboard moonsault but his reign didn't last long as Jimmy got back on his feet swinging him into the ringside,then Rey was tagged and he went on brief run with Dominik.Jey Uso eventually pinned Rey to the floor and Jimmy Uso put his feet on Jey's back to help secure the pin making the pin successful.          THE USOS WON THE SMACKDOWN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

BOBBY LASHLEY vs KOFI KINGSTON FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP:                                             Kofi Kingston has been such a great impact since he won the WWE championship and since he lost it to Brock Lesnar,he has never relented in getting his title back.Kingston was the first to make an attack but Bobby fired back by dropping Kofi into a huge lanat. Lashely continued to beat Kofi Kingston tossing and throwing him over the rope and to the ringside.Kofi tried to get back at Bobby but all was in vain as Lashley locked Kingston in a Hurt Lock eventually putting Kofi Kingston to sleep and ending thematch.                                                                BOBBY LASHLEY WON AND RETAIN THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP.

RHEA RIPLEY vs CHARLOTTE FLAIR FOR THE RAW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP:                              Charlotte was the first to start the match with a very hot step knocking Rhea from the ring then Rhea fought back by going after Charlotte's injured knee and throwing her over the top rope. A lot of skills were used by both women in the ring making sure to go after each other weaknesses but at the end, Charlotte locked in the Figure-Eight on Rhea Ripley forcing her to tap out and Charlotte retained the championship.                                     CHARLOTTE FLAIR WON THE RAW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP. 

ASUKA vs NAOMI vs NATALYA Vs TAMINA Vs MORGAN vs ALEXA BLISS vs LIV vs ZELINA VEGA Vs NIKKI CROSS FOR THE WOMEN'S MONEY IN THE BANK:.                                             This was a very memorable match and also very funny because Alexa actually tried to use her so called "powers" to win by making the briefcase fall to her. 

After alot of fight between the women,Tamina was the first to actually take control of the match as she slammed Alexa Bliss and attacked other competitors but as time went on Alexa got back on her feet and caused an uproar from the crowd as she used her hypnosis on Zelina Vega making her climb down the latter then Tamina and Natalya with every other competitors turned their attention to Bliss and they attacked her and buried her under the ladders by the ringside.To our greatest suprise,as all the women were fighting on the ladder,Nikki Ash who claims to be a superhero and can fly climbed over everyone to grab the briefcase and she emerged the winner.                                NIKKI ASH WON THE WOMEN'S MONEY IN THE BANK.

RICOCHET vs JOHN MORRISON vs RIDDLE vs DREW MCINTYRE vs Big E vs KEVIN OWENS vs SHINSUKE NAKAMURA vs SETH ROLLINS FOR THE MEN'S MONEY IN THE BANK:                            The match started with Rollins and Morrison arguing and then Ricochet and Riddle was seen both flying in on Rollins and Morrison,then after they both recovered from the fall,they were both working together to take out the other wrestlers.           Morrison helped Rollins to hit Kevin Owens and eventually as it was expected, Rollins attacked Morrison by using a ladder to hit him.Drew McIntyre took over now as he slammed Ricochet into a ladder but as McIntyre continued,Jinder Mahal and Veer and Shanky came from the backstage and attacked McIntyre, dragging him to the back.A lot happened after as Ricochet was seen flying on the group of wrestlers outside.

Rollins rolled himself to the ring and attacked Kevin Owens from the ring using a power bomb into a ladder that was lying on the commentary table since the beginning of the match.Then it seemed like Rollins was the one to make the win as he climbed the end of the ladder ready to grab the briefcase,but Big E caught up with him and pushed him off the ladder so Big E climbed the ladder and grabbed the case.                                                      BIG E WON THE MEN'S MONEY IN THE BANK.    

  ROMAN REIGNS vs EDGE FOR THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP:                                                  Roman Reigns started by shoving Edge to the corner and Edge did the same back to him.The two men were tackling themselves both using the same skill used by their opponent.A moment came when Roman hit a superman punch on Edge but the referee was also affected as Edge crashed on his knee.Roman Reigns went for a steel chair outside the ring but the Usos came running to save Edge and they were also attacked by the Mysterios who came from backstage and at this time,the referee was still down and there was no a substitute referee yet. Seth Rollins came in and attacked Edge with a super kick and Roman came with a spear but Egde escaped then Edge tried to pin Roman but he kicked out. Seth came back, drawing Edge and gave him another super kick giving Roman Reigns the chance to deliver his spear therefore pinning Edge successful.                                                             ROMAN REIGNS WON THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  

After Roman Reigns took the microphone and finished speaking,John Cena made an epic entrance as he made his return to WWE.Cena's music was heard and he started running towards the ring and after stepping into the ring with out saying any word ,he made a hand gesture "You can't see me" to Roman Reigns and the crowd went wild.

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